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Arts Academy

The Arts Academy

Learn, Play, Perform

The Arts Academy at Torquay College is designed to enrich our students. The program allows students to explore and extend their talents in the arts and gain further skills for their futures.

Explore The Arts
Media Academy

Be Creative.
Develop skills in film production, photo editing. Learn composition of the angles with feelings. 

gain knowledge in camera hardware and software to support the production.

Music Academy

At Torquay College we have committed to offer an advanced music program for students who have shown a love of learning, creating and performing popular music at a high level.

The program will consist of instrumental lessons and band rehearsal once a week.

Currently we are offering group sessions on guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard and singing.

If you are interested fill out an inquiry form found on this page. 

Film Clapboard
Drama Academy

An immersive program exposing students to a broad range of theatrical experiences and performance styles.

Students explore theatre across time and culture and develop skills in characterisation, improvisation, expression, performance and script writing.

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