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Environmental Centre

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The Environmental Centre is home to a huge variety of native animals including seahorses, fish, water python, frogs, lizards, sugar gliders, turtles and over 20 species of birds. It is adjacent to a unique wetland which collects and filters rainwater runoff from neighbouring buildings and is home to a variety of species of frogs including Southern Brown Tree Frogs.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is highly valued at Torquay College and students undertake Biological Science lessons for one term each year. Year 3 & Year 4 in Term 1, Foundation and Year 2 in Term 2, Year 5 & 6 in Term 3 and Year 1 in Term 4.

During lessons students and are motivated to go deeper into their learning by getting up close and personal with the animals and learning about their unique needs.

Lunchtime 'Enviro Club'

Students use a ‘Kids teaching kids’ approach and share their knowledge during lunchtime Enviro Club sessions as well as with visiting classes. Students at Torquay College have a love or our amazing environment and they are inspired to take action to protect the wondrous species within it.

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