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Phys Ed & Sports

Phys Ed & Sport

Physical Education (PE) at Torquay College is focussed on developing the entire individual (their physical, social, emotional and mental health), encouraging them to adopt physical activity as a lifelong habit.  A key to achieving this goal is through the creation of a learning environment whereby students feel safe, supported and comfortable to take risks.  It is an inclusive environment. Lessons conducted are developmentally appropriate (including developmentally appropriate equipment) and cater to the students individual learning needs.  A focus is on maximising participation, cooperation, engagement and ensuring the students are having FUN!  The 6 C's and school values (Trying your best, Friendship & Respect) underpin all of our teaching.

House Sports

Our Houses are named after four famous ships that have been wrecked off our local coast.

Bancoora – Red                                   Scammell – Green

Charlemont – Yellow                          Inverlochie– Blue

Students are randomly assigned a house when they start at our school. Siblings are put in the same house. Some house events are used to develop school teams by taking the first certain number of competitors to move on to represent the school.

Physical Education Classes

Physical Education at Torquay College operates on a fortnightly timetable.  Grades 1 & 2 participate in weekly PE sessions while Foundation and Grade 3-6 students have fortnightly PE sessions.  The Senior Sport (Grade 5 & 6), Huff n Puff (Grade 3 & 4) and Perceptual Motor Programs (Foundation) supplement these PE sessions.


Our Primary Athletics team is made up of students from Years Three to Six. Our school is able to compete at “Districts,” “Zones,” “Regionals” and then onto States. At each level the top competitors are invited to go onto the next level. Our Districts, Zones and Regionals are all held at Landy Field Athletics track in Geelong. Events include: sprints, relays, 800m and 1500m, hurdles, discus, shot put, high jump, long jump and triple jump.

Foundation – Year Two Athletics Day is held at our school in Term Four.

Cross Country

Our Primary Cross Country Team is made up of students from Years Three to Six. Our school is able to compete at “Zones,” “Districts,” “Regionals” and then onto States. Competitors must run a long distance race with the length dependent on their age. 9 and 10 year olds must run 2km, 11, 12 & 13 year olds must run 3km. At each level the top competitors are invited to go onto the next level. Our Districts are held at Torquay Front Beach. Zones are held at the Geelong Race track. Students who are part of the cross country team are invited to practice/train sometime during the school week.

Football, Netball, Basketball, Tennis & Soccer

Our teams are made up of students from Years Five and Six in Primary. Students are encouraged to try out for the different teams and practise at school. Our team can compete and progress through to compete at District Zone and Regional level.

There are also other opportunities throughout the year where students are invited to try out, train and compete in our team sporting rugby, tennis, Hoop time, basketball competitions.


Our Primary swim team is made up of students from Years Four to Six.  Our school is able to compete at “Districts,” “Zone,” “Regionals” and then onto States. Events include all strokes for both individual and relays.

Students in Years One to Six are invited to participate in an intensive swim program held throughout the year. All levels of swimming abilities are catered for. Years Five and Six complete an Open Water and Surfing Program in Term One.

Years Five and Six Friday Sport Program

Throughout Terms One and Two, Years Five and Six are able to choose a team sport which they practise every Friday. At the end of each term teams compete against another school in the “lightening premiership.” There are a range of seasonal sports available. Games are played at home (at Torquay) or away (at the competing school). The schools we compete against are Mandama PS, Bellaire PS and Leopold PS. Sports generally include: bat tennis, volley stars, soccer,  T ball, rounders and cricket.

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