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Digital Learning

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2024 Netbook Information

Please watch the 2024 Netbook information video above.




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2024 Netbook Information 
ICT Programs


Every day, digital technologies become a more important factor in today’s society. At Torquay College our Literacy & Numeracy Classroom Programs are complemented through the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Incorporating ICT into our programs has allowed us to engage and motivate our students whilst assisting them with the ICT skills needed to effectively communicate and learn in our ever changing world.




Our students use a range of digital programs to foster learning and creativity as well as developing their skills in ICT. At Torquay College, our students have access to devices in classrooms. This is integrated into our classroom programs. Students and teachers have access to a number of other ICT resources such as interactive whiteboards, STEM related activities and much more.




The Netbook Project is part of a global movement towards a 1:1 ratio of students to wireless-enabled computers. Research shows students are more motivated and engaged in learning when they have their own computer. Computer use has also been linked to better organisational skills, improved literacy and numeracy, better collaboration and analytical thinking.


Students in Foundation to Year Three have access to iPads that are connected to the internet to foster learning and creativity as well as developing their skills in ICT. Students work with the iPads during literacy, numeracy and integrated units of work.

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