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Student Wellbeing
Support during remote and flexible learning

The wellbeing of our community is of the highest priority at Torquay College. The coronavirus (Covid – 19) crisis has caused unprecedented disruption to many of our lives and, as a result, may generate considerable anxiety and challenges for our students.   Young people are vulnerable in these times. It is important that, as adults, we do all that we can to reduce anxiety for our young people.

The links below provide some excellent advice on talking to your children about the current situation:


There are also many support options for families and young people both locally as well as online:


For families/carers requiring support from the Engagement and Wellbeing team for their child, please contact your child’s teacher or email with your child’s name and parent/carers contact details with the subject heading "Wellbeing and Engagement team – Confidential".


A member of the Engagement and Wellbeing team will respond as soon as possible.

Rights and Responsibilities

All students have the right to a safe and caring environment which promotes learning, personal growth and self-esteem.  The College is committed to providing this and each member of our school community has the responsibility to make this happen.


The College will provide a positive culture where bullying is not accepted.  All members of the College community have the right to be respected by others, the right to learn, to participate in learning activities and the right to be safe and secure.

When implementing this policy, the College will apply a "restorative approach" to student wellbeing.  The focus of a restorative approach to intervention will be on:

  • Addressing the underlying cause of behaviour;

  • Acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the harm caused to the College community;

  • Using restorative practices to address the behaviour, repair the harm and reintegrate students back into the College community;

  • Making the commitment of time and resources necessary to repair relationships restoratively.


Restorative approaches may be addressed on an individual basis or through group conferences depending on the circumstances.


Bullying. No Way!

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