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Year 6

Year 6

As a Year Six team, we are looking forward to working with you and your child to help provide them with an education that allows her/him to reach their full potential. The students are looking to leave a positive mark on Torquay College by displaying the school values (FRIENDSHIP, RESPECT AND DOING YOUR BEST) on a daily basis. As a teaching team we encourage the students to promote resilience, self-management, use of manners and an awareness of own learning. We can’t wait to help these future leaders make a positive impact on Torquay College in 2018.


Throughout the year our writing will focus on the Writer’s Workshop model. Students will attend a mini lesson on a particular writing skill and then have a chance to practise this skill in a writing piece of their own choice. They will continue to use their Writer’s Notebook to develop seeds (ideas for writing). During writing lessons, students will have the opportunity to conference with their homeroom teacher to develop a personalised goal and discuss their writing in more detail. A strategic approach to spelling will encourage students to think about phonics, letter patterns and the etymology of words. Grammar skills will be a focus throughout reading and writing.

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