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Year 5

Year 5

In Year Five, we strive to deliver a challenging, stimulating and safe environment for students to learn. We work to achieve this through an engaging delivery of the curriculum where students have choice as well as understand the direction of their learning. Our school values of Respect, Friendship and Doing Your Best alongside the student-selected trademarks are the foundation of the work that we do with our students. We endeavor to work with our families by communicating effectively and regularly to inform of students’ successes, goals and challenges. We value and support our extra curricula activities including Stephanie Alexander Garden and Kitchen program, community sports, excursions, clubs and camps. The Year Five team will, actively engage and guide all students to achieve their personal best in all learning areas.


As we continue to make great progress as independent, self-motivated writers we will be adding Expert Sessions into the mix. Each of the Year 5 teachers will be running a series of lessons focussed on a different style or genre of writing. The students will move between the two pods to explore poetry, movie reviews, journalism, science fiction and much more. This will be a chance for students to dive deeper into a style of writing that interests them; looking at purpose, form, revision and publication of their work under the guidance of an expert teacher. We will also continue our Writer's Workshops when students will follow the writing process to create unique, personal and self-directed creative pieces. Keep an eye out for examples of student work coming home and be prepared to see something new and exciting in Term 3.

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