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Year 3

Year 3

Year Three is a busy and exciting time at Torquay College. We get to embark on many firsts; Cross Country, Athletics and our most anticipated Term Four camp! Our curriculum is driven by respect and sustainability with elements of scientific question embedded throughout our inquiry units. We take a close look at past and present cultures that make up our society, living, non-living and once living things in our environment and the impact we have on creating a sustainable future.

Maths Goals

In Year Three we are busy working towards achieving our Maths Goals. Students set meaningful goals based on their strengths and work towards learning skills they don't know, yet. Pre-test, workshop activities and post-test data is used to highlight growth and students reflect upon their achievements at the end of each unit. Student’s work at different levels from Year 2 up to Year 7, depending on their individual needs.

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