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Year 1

Year 1

In Year One at Torquay College, we love learning and always strive to uphold our school values of Respect, Friendship and Doing Your Best. We aim to build on the skills our students have already developed in Literacy and Numeracy to take the next steps towards becoming confident, competent and enthusiastic writers, readers and mathematicians. We provide individualised and highly stimulating programs including Writer's Workshop, Science and Inquiry units including, 'Living and Learning By The Sea,' 'Whatever the Weather,' 'Cultural Stories,' and 'It's A Small World,' to engage our students, involving the use of technology, hands on experiential learning and collaborative activities.

Writer's Workshop

This year we have introduced, 'Writer's Workshop,' to Year One. This program promotes a love for writing by giving our students opportunities to 'start from the heart; writing about the things they care about most and to discover the habits, tools and skills that excellent writers use.

Teens & Library

Our Year 1 students have a really fun time exploring coding, using apps such as Scratch Jr and 'Coding With Awbie,' using the OSMO kits for iPad.

Computer Class
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