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@ Torquay College

Students at Torquay College enjoy a well-resourced and established Music department, with dedicated teachers who collaborate on all aspects of the program. From Foundation level, students play instruments including kazoo, ukulele and percussion, explore musical concepts through dance and movement, and sing a variety of songs suitable for young voices. The main aim is fun and development of a love of music, as well as a sense of pitch and beat. The program builds through each year of primary school, with all students learning to play tunes on harmonica and ukulele, as their skills progress. Students are encouraged to express themselves through song-writing, through exploring the sounds of different instruments, and by using technology to create and record music in the later years.


From year 3 on, students are invited to audition for the band program, which runs as an extra-curricular program during lunchtimes. Our bands perform at community events, assemblies and at the annual Geelong Schools Music and Movement Festival.


Our choir sings together at weekly lunchtime rehearsals and performs at assemblies and community events. All students are welcome to join.

Performing Arts

Torquay College also runs a Circus Troupe and Drama Club, as additional Performing Arts opportunities. These are also run as part of the lunchtime clubs program.

Learn An Instrument

Instrumental music lessons are provided after hours at our school by a local contractor. For inquiries please contact our school office.

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