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20180222_Torquay College_0665 (Copy)_edited
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Thank you for your interest in enrolling at Torquay College.

Children are eligible for enrolment if they turn five (5) years of age on or before 30th April 2020.


At Torquay College, we will accept enrolments at any time during the remainder of the year if places are available. To assist with planning for 2020 (particularly grade and staffing arrangements) we ask that parents wishing to enrol their child call into the school to meet with staff and to have a tour of the school during the school term. Please contact our office to arrange a tour.

We will require proof of age (e.g. copy of Extract of Birth Certificate) for your child and a completed Immunisation Certificate (available from Department of Human Services). 

Please contact the school to arrange a tour and collect a Parent Information Pack and enrolment form’

Enrolment Catchment detailed view
Enrolment catchment wide view

Please note:

The borders of the enrolment zone are indicative. The school under DET guidelines / policy adheres to the placement of children to their nearest school when deciding eligibility. Please refer to the map above.

Any new families will be requested to supply verification of residence.

We can only confirm the enrolment of a child for whom Torquay College is the closest State Primary School. This does not apply to families with children currently enrolled in the school.

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