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'The best education systems are those with well-connected and active leadership communities'. (Bastow 2019)

Parents and carers as partners encompass children's learning and development at home, at school and in communities. Parents and carers provide learning opportunities at home and in communities, creating connections between learning at school and learning outside of school. When schools and families work together, children can become more engaged with their school work, achieve better academically, stay in school longer and develop better social skills. Effective partnerships enrich wellbeing, achievement and engagement by focusing on student needs.

Schools serve the community through engaging and working inclusively with a broad range of people and organisations. Schools can strengthen community cohesion, helping to improve student learning within and beyond school. Strong communities act as a support network for student health, wellbeing and engagement. They support students' learning and development and enhance social inclusion.

Through strong community partnerships, students can engage in the world of work, building different pathways and social networks. These help to create smooth transitions into further education, training and employment. Strong community partnerships are crucial for building trust and enabling cultural connectivity. Working with the community also gives schools access to local expertise, facilities, resources and services, which can help students overcome barriers and reach their full potential.

Torquay College is reaching out to parents/carers who can help us forge a genuine partnership. This group will consider, analyse and provide feedback on issues important to the school community to ensure we are providing the best opportunities for our students.

Contact Vicki Perry on 5261 0902 for further information.



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