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Book Week.

All students at Torquay College voted for their favourite book from the CBCA Shortlist.

Here are the results!

Voted Number 1:

Cicada by Shaun Tan:

In his latest picture book, acclaimed Australian illustrator, writer and film-maker Shaun Tan explores the ponderous themes of migrant workers and workplace bullying through the voice of a hardworking insect who has toiled away, unappreciated and without promotion, alongside humans in a grey office block for 17 years.

Voted Number 2:

Rainbow Bear by Stephen Michael King.

When Bear visits the city, he returns home with gifts of beautifully bright colour art materials for his family. In the land of ice and snow where they live, the rainbow colours are particularly appealing, and his partner and cubs delight in the gifts he has given. But it seems to Bear that his trip to the city has changed him in a strange and unexpected fashion, for every morning he wakes up covered with a different selection of rainbow hued designs instead of the white fur he expects.

Voted Number 3:

Chalk Boy by Margaret Wild and Mandy Ord.

A soulful and heartwarming story about what happens when a pavement artist's drawing comes to life.

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