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Bunjil The Eagle

During third term, Year One students are learning about Australian culture and how stories we read and write are influenced by our culture.

We will be reading stories written by celebrated Australian authors throughout the term. To date we have read Banjo

Patterson, Mem Fox and Dreamtime stories from our local indigenous community the Wathaurong. One of the Dreamtime stories we enjoyed was 'Bunjil' as to the Wathaurong people, Bunjil is the creator spirit.

He made the Heavens and the Earth. Bunjil went to the sky on a great wind, which Bellin-Bellin (the Musk Crow) let out of his skin bag. From his position in the stars Bunjil took out his largest knife and slashed out the land and formed ridges that became the mountains. The land in between became the valleys. He let the rain fall to the land and formed rivers to give the people water.

Bunjil made a man out of clay, used stringy bark for the hair and blew his breath in his mouth. The man came to life and Bunjil danced around him. Bunjil’s son, Binbeal made women out of water and went on to become a rainbow.

Today Bunjil takes on many forms. He is an Eagle, a bird and basalt rock. He is a star in the sky and his spirit rests at Cape Schanck.

As a follow up activity each Year One student decorated a feather to create a display in our corridor.

The Year One teachers and students wish to invite our community to visit D-block to see Bunjil The Eagle.In Term Three, the

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