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Marvellous Monarchs

Year 2 Melbourne Excursion

On Friday 3rd May, Year 2 students enjoyed an excursion to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX cinema.

They explored and asked many questions as they observed exhibits of Dinosaurs, Insects and Wild Animals. They investigated how different species grow and change through its lifecycle, from birth or an egg hatching to its adult form. Students were amazed to see the size of adult dinosaurs and eggs fossils, the colours of butterflies and sizes of spiders and beetles

The IMAX cinema experience allowed students to follow an entomologists scientific journey of studying “The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly” – where do they go in the Winter?? Students were captivated as they learnt that the butterflies can fly thousands of kilometres and enjoyed trying to catch those 3D butterflies flying at them.

I looked at the huge dinosaurs and they were awesome” Eden

We went into see the Insects and I shivered because I felt a little bit scared” Tully

“We went to Imax and wore 3D glasses to watch a movie about Monarch butterflies” Raphael

“It looked like the Monarchs were coming out of the screen. I loved it” Milly

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