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Year 2

During Term 1 the Year 2 students have been busy across all areas of the curriculum.

During Maths classes students have been involved in maths activities and games related to place value and counting. They really enjoyed counting by numbers other than 1’s and 2’s.

As part of our writing sessions, students have been expanding their ideas and writing adjectives about an object they have brought from home that is special to them. This will assist students when they come to write stories and other text in the coming terms.

In reading, students have been predicting what they think the story could be about, using the text clues from the front cover. They have organised their ideas into adjectives, colors and nouns to create noun groups, to make their predictions more detailed. Students have experimented with new word choices and are keen to see if their predictions come true.

Science has been fun using mixtures, which many classes also used during their procedural writing. We found what ink colours are found in our black textas and what ingredients mix well and which ones will not mix at all.

Wishing all our Year 2 families a safe and happy Easter and a wonderful term break.

The Year 2 Team

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