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Library News

Library Activities

During planning week one of our Library activities was based on the series of books "Little People, Big Dreams." In reading these books we explore the lives of incredible people from designers to scientists who all began as a child with a dream. We read about Stephen Hawking, his personal challenges and amazing discovery, then we followed this up with an activity which is on display in the Library.

Library Captains

Congratulations to our Library Captain leadership group.

This term we have been busy training them in Library skills and confidence building to enable them to become valuable helpers both to Lesley, Kathy and the students they assist. Our Library Captains are:

Kiarn, Ruby, Jahya, Will, Rafaele, Amy, Paige, Darcy, Hetty, Emma, Brenin, Will and Nalani.

Reading is Awesome!

Did you know that reading aloud builds a strong vocabulary? Researchers have found that children's books contain as many as 50% more rare words than the average prime time television show. Children are more likely to ask the definition of a word while being read to by a parent.

Happy Reading,

Kathy and Lesley

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