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Our Community, Torquay

Our Community, Torquay Year 2 Inquiry Investigations The Year 2 students have been leaning all about our community, Torquay, during their inquiry investigations. Over the term, we have been lucky enough to have some of our emergency services people come in to school, to talk to us about their role in our community. On Thursday March 28th, we had Heidi Taylor, a local paramedic come in and speak about paramedics and their role in our community. We learned what paramedics do, what paramedics use and what they wear when they are working. We were surprised to hear they travel in ambulance helicopters, boats and motorbikes, in addition to ambulance cars. We also had a local Senior Constable, Cathryn Hastie, come to visit us on Wednesday March 5th. She taught us all about road safety and the role of the police in our community. She showed us a police car and student were able to climb through the back seat and see the inside of the car. Senior Constable Cathie also turned the police car sirens on, which were really, really loud. We learned all about police horses and dogs and also that some Police Officers travel in helicopters, boats, motorbikes and snow vehicles.

Over the past few weeks, the Year 2s have been completing a community helper project, where they show their understanding of their chosen community helper and what they do in our community. Ask your child to reflect on their learning and to share what they know about their community.

The students and teachers from B6 and B8 would also like to thank Mark, the school crossing guard, who assisted with teaching the students how to cross the road safely.

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