Year 2 News!

Welcome Back!

Welcome all families, old and new to Torquay College for 2019. As a Year Two team, we are looking forward to working with you and your child to help provide them with an education that allows them to reach their full potential. During our Learning to Learn activities over the past two weeks, the students have been getting to know each other and their teacher/s, learning and practising their new classroom routines and revisited our school values; Respect, Friendship and Doing Your Best. As teaching team we will always encourage our students to demonstrate independence, resilience, collaborative skills, use of manners and an awareness of their own learning. Please come and see your child’s teacher if you need any clarification on any of the information below. We are extremely excited to be working with you and your child this year and are anticipating a fantastic and busy year ahead!


B2 – Mrs Rebecca Leyden (M, T, W) and Mrs Karly Lee (Th, F) B3 – Mrs Korina Noble (M, T) and Ms Lydia Hill (W, Th, F) B4 – Mrs Maire Gogerly B5 – Mr Billy Barnes B6 – Mrs Mel Sayers B7 – Mrs Ellie Timms (Team Leader) B8 – Ms Andrea Jalland


A warm welcome to all Year 2 families and students. What a wonderful start to the year students have had, settling back into school routines and engaging in activities. It has been pleasing to visit all the classes and see such happy and engaged students across the Year 2 Department. I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the year, please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any matters you would like to discuss. We strive to provide a positive and enjoyable learning environment for all children and with the school and families working together as cooperative team, your child’s learning will benefit immensely from the school-home partnership.

Louise Kahle

Assistant Principal



Throughout Term One, students will be reacquainted with the Writer’s Workshop cycle and their Writer’s Notebook to help them develop ideas for writing. They will engage in a range of writing activities to re-ignite their passion for writing and to further develop their skills in letter formation, spelling, grammar, punctuation, editing for meaning and in creating different text types.

In Reading, students will be matched to their individual instructional reading level and will work with peers with similar needs. Our reading lessons focus on explicitly teaching essential reading skills including; but not limited to, predicting, inferring, making connections, questioning, determining importance, monitoring meaning and visualising. Our Write To Read spelling program will be intertwined within our ‘literacy block’ – the two hours encompassing reading and writing skills. Teachers will assess student’s spelling, identify areas for learning and continue to consolidate and extend student understanding and awareness of the ‘codes’ and ‘spelling rules’ from Year 1.


This Term we are focusing on place value and number recognition, involving reading numbers aloud, ordering and modelling numbers up to 4 digits. Teachers will also be informally revising the days of the week, months of the year and simple time telling throughout the day. Maths is all around us and plays an important role in our lives. Encourage your child to find maths in everything that they do to help them to understand the relevance of maths in our everyday lives.


The Term One Inquiry Unit will focus on ‘Our Community - Torquay’. An emphasis will be placed on students making links between what a community is and what is special about the Torquay community. A feature of the unit will be learning about the local history and the community services we have. Such activities will include visits from the local Police, Fire Brigade and SES. Teachers are currently finalising the dates for our incursions and local visits.

HATS It’s great to see so many hats on heads! At Torquay College hats are compulsory from mid-August to the end of April, following the recommendations of the Australian Cancer Council. Please ensure your child’s hat is clearly named and includes their 2019 class name (eg. B7) to avoid the dreaded ‘lost hat’ and ‘no hat – no play’ rule. Students are also encouraged to bring their own sunscreen and sunglasses.

ABSENCES If your child is absent, it is a requirement for parents to provide a written explanation to inform the school. The easiest way to do this is on the SkoolBag mobile phone app. or a written note to the classroom teacher. With our new online roll marking system, parents will be notified via text message if your child has an unexplained absence. Please see the office for any queries regarding this.


Teachers are involved in regular staff meetings on Monday and Wednesday afternoons so it may be difficult to catch up with us after school on those particular days. To avoid disruption to classroom planning and teaching schedules, any meetings are to take place after hours, and preferably by appointment. Please use the email and phone number below and our office staff will forward any emails or messages to your child’s teacher if you are unable to visit the classroom:

Email: or call 5261 2360 to leave a message.



The green satchel will be required at school each day to help carry notes, readers and any work sent home safely. To help build independence, please encourage your child to pack their satchel into their bag each day. If you need to purchase a satchel, they are available from the uniform shop. HOME READING

Our Year 2 Take Home Reading began on Monday February 11th, and classroom teachers will be working with their students to follow the correct routine in borrowing take home readers. Teachers will use thorough assessments to determine the collection of books your child is reading to ensure their learning needs are being met. Student needs range from fluency to comprehension and teachers will identify the appropriate leveled texts for your child and their needs. The purpose of home reading is to build confidence, enjoyment and routine in reading. It is therefore essential that this should be a positive experience (for both you and your child!). We hope you are in awe of their progress and learning as much as we are.


We ask that Student Diaries are to be checked and signed every Monday. We will keep the student diaries in their green satchels, so that the Student Diaries can travel to and from school every day. Please make your child aware if there are messages from yourself inside the diary.


In Year 2, students are asked to bring along a pencil case and teachers will work with students to help build organisational skills to manage their own belongings. (Pencil cases are not included in our Year 2 booklist, as prior feedback from families was that student’s already had one at home, or it was cheaper to purchase elsewhere – they also allow students some ‘individuality’ within the classroom) Any leftover classroom supplies will be redistributed to students at the end of the year.


Inside your child’s diary you will find their Log In and Password information. You can access Mathletics, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress at home and your child can continue any tasks they have been completing at school.

Log on to or


Please keep an eye out for our Year 2 Blog Posts on the school website. These will be snapshots of our highlights throughout the term. You can access them here: We also ask that parents regularly read the whole school newsletter, QuayNotes, each Wednesday (you can have it sent to your email – to arrange contact our office staff) Many whole school key dates, important messages and extra information for parents is available here.


Continuous reporting allows parents to access updates of their child’s learning throughout the term. These are intended to be a quick snapshot of your child’s achievement and how they are progressing in their learning. These comments are in addition to the ‘End of Semester’ student report comments, progression points and values assessment. At Torquay College we take a holistic approach, and we will reflect on key curriculum areas as well as special events ie. Learning To Learn, Year 2 Day Camp, F-2 Athletics. Please log in to Sentral to view these comments and share the comments with your child/ren.