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Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4 we believe that every student has an insatiable and innate drive to understand the world around them. Our Curriculum is based on the concept that the world is changing rapidly and we want to upskill our students to be 21st Century learners and prepare our students to be successful adults who contribute to society and see themselves as global citizens.


The Year 4 students have started the year in a very positive manner. The Year 4 teaching team have been very impressed with the enthusiastic and eager approach our students are displaying. There are many exciting things happening in Year 4 this year such as the Netbook program, feeding time at the Enviro Centre, GFC-CATS Healthy Hero’s incursion, swimming and Camp. Year 4 is an important year in your child’s schooling – a time to develop and embed productive work habits and continue the learning journey in readiness for the Senior Learning Community.


Welcome to a wonderful start to the year! I look forward to working with you and your children in providing your child with an education that allows her/him to reach their full potential. Please feel free to approach us at any time if you have any matters you would like to discuss or seek clarification. By working together as a co-operative team, your child’s learning will benefit immensely from the school home partnership. We look forward to working with you to provide your child with an enjoyable and challenging year of schooling.

Important News

Maths Our number one goal in Maths this year is to get students feeling confident in using Maths in their lives. We want them to see it as fun and something that they CAN do! This is done by running our pre/post test and goal sheet program. Using this program, will show your child, teachers and parents exactly what they do and don’t know about a unit of work, for example place value. We can then target their needs more effectively and students can begin self-managing their own learning.

Homework The expectation for homework this term is that the Year 4 children will read for at least 15 minutes each night. This includes books from home and Library books. We also encourage the children to vary the types of books they are reading including different authors, newspapers, magazines etc., to enhance their story writing, enrich their vocabulary and develop their spelling. Teachers have organised home reading books for every individual child in their class to bring home every night. Some books may take a few nights to read. Our current Homework Policy at Torquay College is;

Middle Years (Years 3–4) Senior Years (Years 5-6) Homework will consist mainly of: · Independent reading on a daily basis · Tasks such as continuation of classroom work, projects and assignments, essays and research · Homework will generally not exceed 45 minutes per day (including Reading) and must be co-ordinated between teachers to avoid excessive workload. · Homework will not be set on weekends or during holiday periods. Homework - It is acceptable for teachers to assign unfinished classroom activities as additional homework tasks. We are currently looking at using our netbooks for homework activities. Children will also have spelling homework which will be organised by each class teacher.

Diaries We feel that diaries are a great form of communication and the Year 4 teachers will endeavor to sign them on Tuesdays and Fridays. As we are encouraging the children to read nightly we would like you to record the title of the book, pages read and sign it.

Netbooks The Digital Learning Participation, Privacy and Copyright Consent Form & 2019 Torquay College ICT Agreement Years 3-6 need to be returned to school asap so we can all start using our netbooks online.

Cyber Safety One of the first activities the children will do will be related to cyber safety. They will complete a survey and have a discussion on cyber rules including ‘How to stay safe and have fun on the Internet.’

Swimming The swimming program will be running during the week Monday 4th March- Friday 8th March. From 11:30am-1:45pm. A note will follow with exact times for classes. We warmly welcome any parents /carers to attend from Tuesday onwards.

CAMP The Year 4 students will be attending a 1 night camp in early Term 4, exact dates are still to be confirmed.

Sovereign Hill We are very excited to announce that alongside camp we will be visiting Sovereign Hill for a Day Trip in late Term 2. Date TBC

Huff’n Puff As part of the Year 4 Curriculum we run a Huff’n Puff Program. Huff ‘n Puff is a 30-45 minute, fitness program designed to get the heart racing, clear the head and help our students to be focused and ready to learn. Running, dancing, skipping, circuits and ball throwing are just some of the fun activities we rotate through on a weekly basis,

Important Dates

Monday 25th Feb- Curriculum Day

Swimming Monday 4th March- Friday 8th March

Monday 11th March Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 12th March -GFC-CATS Healthy Hero’s Incursion

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