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Welcome STEM!

The STEM room at Torquay College had its first classes in week 2! The students walked out with a massive smile on their face and keen to get back for more!

Students had the chance to explore the room and get hands on with the activities. From coding robotics with ‘BeeBot’s’ and ‘Edison Bots’ to letting their creative minds run wild with magnetic construction, ‘Joink’ and ‘Strawbees’. On the ‘Tinker Table’ the inquisitive minds had the chance to pull apart and see the inside workings of a computer and put it back together! The second session had students problem solving in groups to construct a bridge from paper and straws to transport a robot! Looking forward to seeing more amazing creations throughout the term.

“I loved building bridges and coding robots and I am excited to code more robots.” Eva, Year 3 student.

Coding 'BeeBots'.

Coding 'Edison Bots'.

“I love STEM because you get to learn about engineering!” Ollie, Year 3 Student.

What is STEM?

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM will have a focus on problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and the engineering design process. This will be taught through digital technologies in line with the Victorian Curriculum areas: Digital Technologies, Design and Technologies and critical and creative thinking. This is a space where collaboration and innovation is taught, encouraged and expected.

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