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Year 2 Asia Incursion

Kita Performing Arts Company came to our school for the Year 2 Asia incursion which involved the sharing of their cultures with us. They did this through dance and conversations. Kita is an Indonesian word that means ‘we’. We chose this word for our name because of its Indonesian meaning, and also because the letters of the word 'Kita' stand for our home countries; Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and our new homeland of Australia.

“Ruby and Baos were the dancers. I liked the dances. My favourite one that Baos did where he spun around in circles. My other one was when Ruby did the ribbon dance.” Finn

My favourite dance was the coconut dance. Ruby did the coconut dance. I did not like the Karate dance.” Kiara

Today year 2 went to the dance studio to see some Asian Dancing. Baos and Ruby showed us 5 different dances. My favourite was the Tai Chi Hip Hop one. Jackson

Ruby and Baos from KITA came to Torquay College for an incursion. I went up the front and did the Tai Chi Hip hop dance with them. All the Year 2 students did a Kung Fu dance together. I enjoyed it. Adotey

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