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MAD about MAD Day!

On Thursday the 13th of September the Year 6s put on a marvelous MAD Day. We were lucky enough to raise $2,600. Some of the amazing stalls included photo booths, hair spray and face painting, food decorating and 'Spin It to Win It' games. The Junior School Councillors will meet and discuss where the funds will go. Thank you to everyone that participated. On MAD Day, most of the Year 6s learnt some valuable life lessons. We learnt how to budget, run a business and what it takes to be successful. Our patience, enthusiasm and determination were tested but we all walked away from the day with smiles on our faces. It was a great and fun day and we know all of the Year 6s would love to do it again. The best thing about MAD Day, was the whole day! Every Year 6 got to interact with all of the younger students and see all of the other fantastic stalls our peers had made. MAD Day was a great experience and we hope that all of the students enjoyed the 2018 Year 6 MAD Day.

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