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Principal's Report

Mad Day

This Thursday our Grade Six students will be running 'activity-based stalls’ to further their practical understandings of business concepts they have been learning; including budgeting, advertising, marketing, profit and loss. This is a fun day for all students with raffles and prizes as well as all the fun activities. Any profits will go towards our playgrounds, so please send ‘silver coins’ with your kids to school on Thursday. A big thank you to Mr Kiss and his Grade Six team for organising another fun and meaningful activity for our kids.

School Camp

Two of our Grade Four classes are currently away at Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff. After some of our students became unwell at the last Grade Four Camp, we are hoping for a positive and fun filled few days at a new venue. We really appreciate our teachers giving up their time to give our students these opportunities, so a big thank you to Vic Long, Cory Connor and their helpers for accompanying the students on camp.

Student Learning

As parents we often tend to focus on literacy-based activities at home to support our children in their learning, as opposed to numeracy activities. (Reading is a classic example.) We do however need to also look at ways to pay attention to mental maths computations, practical maths activities, and incidental maths learning. Some simple ways to engage kids in maths is through games that include cards and dice, involving them in cooking and baking where measurements and time come into play, or alternatively to let them be active in predicting costs, payments and change whilst shopping. Other simple ideas are activities that can be generated through identifying patterns and shapes, or asking them to estimate distances and then measure them. For more resources and ideas, the DET has some great stuff

that can be accessed at: http//

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