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Out of School Hours care


We offer a high quality Out of School Hours care program to over 80 students per day.  The program is run by highly experienced and appropriately qualified staff who provide a variety of activities from sport, art, games and craft.  After school snacks are provided as part of the program as well as breakfast in the morning program.  The service is available to all students of parents who are working or studying in years prep to years 6 (vacancy dependant).  Parents must only book through the Program’s staff.  For more information on this service and the cost please contact Anna on 5261 0946.

Parent & Friends

The P & F group is a group of dedicated parents who meet regularly to assist the school with all sorts of activities around the school including fundraising and decision making.  The P & F is a great way to get to know other parents and provide feedback to the school.  They are always looking for and encouraging new members so please consider coming along to meetings.  Meeting times are advertised in the school newsletter or for further information please check their facebook page or call the office for further details.


Our school has a compulsory uniform for all students.  We ask parents to assist with this by ensuring all students come to school in the correct uniform.  There is the opportunity to buy secondhand uniform from the office.  We also welcome good quality donations for our shop.

Year 6 – Year 6 students have the opportunity to buy a year 6 jumper for their final year of primary school.  Year 6 students wear the same uniform as the prep to year 5s but with the option for the alternative jumper.

Sport – At house events students are able to wear their house colours. We also offer tracksuit pants for interschool events.


The canteen is open everyday apart from the last day of each term.  The parents and staff aim to provide healthy, yummy options.  Students are able to either hand in a “Lunch Order” or buy straight from the window at recess and lunch.  Snacks only can be bought over the counter.

We ask that lunch orders are written on a paper bag with money inside in an envelope (for hygiene reasons).   If you don’t have a paper bag we can provide one at an extra cost.

At recess and lunch students are welcome to buy from our window.  There are lines for each year level (Prep, Junior/Middle/Senior).  This avoids overwhelming the younger students in the queues.

Volunteers – Anyone willing to volunteer in the canteen is always welcome.  Unfortunately preschool children cannot come inside the canteen kitchen.

Canteen List 2017 – PDF

Volunteer Opportunities

Our school relies heavily on volunteer parents and community members to be able to have and do everything that we do.  Every parent has something they can offer.  If you have any time please consider coming up and helping out.  We’d love to have you!  Speak to your child’s teacher or at the office for more information.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Assisting in the classroom (listening to reading, helping with activities etc)
  • In the canteen
  • Sport coaching
  • Helping with Reading Rocks
  • Making J Rock costumes or sets
  • Coming along to an excursion or camp
  • Get on a committee
  • Turn up to working bees
  • Run or help run a fundraising activity
  • Offer a skill the school could use (eg writing submissions, gardening etc)
  • Help out at sporting  events
  • Helping in the Library with shelving and contacting new resources.

This list is only a start – chat to your teacher today.

Recognition & Awards

Here at Torquay College we try to encourage students to do their best and have a go.  Teachers offer “Student of the week” awards to different students each week to acknowledge achievements every student makes throughout the year.  These students are announced at assembly each week and students and applauded for their efforts.  Students of the week are also named in the weekly newsletter.  Where possible parents are notified of the upcoming award, so parents can make themselves available for assembly, if they can.

Our school also recognises students as members of the wider community.  When our students achieve in something out of school we try to acknowledge their efforts in assembly or in our newsletter (Quaynotes). Achievements can be in anything from sport, art, dance, the list goes on!  If you know of a student who has achieved something out of school please let us know.

Getting to and from school

To avoid traffic congestion around the school we encourage as many students as possible to walk, ride, scooter or take the bus to and from school.

The school currently has several bike racks to store bikes and scooters during the day.  The shire provides 4 crossing supervisors on Grossmans Rd and Surfcoast Hwy to protect students when they walk to and from school.  These crossings must be used at all times.

Currently there are 3 bus routes which can bring students to and from school.

SurfCoast Secondary College is the co-ordinating school for the busses in our area. Please contact Jenny on 5261 6633 for further information.

School Photos

Our College offers families the opportunity to have school photos every year.  We have “Arthur Reed Studios” come to the school to take, individual, group, class and sibling photos.  Buying photos is optional for families.

We ask that all students come to school on photo day in their full school uniform.

For orders please click here: School Photos – Torquay College


Students are allocated time to eat their lunch before they go outside for a lunch break.

Rubbish free lunch box awards – To promote our environmentally friendly school, we also encourage students to bring “rubbish free” lunch boxes to school.  Reduction in rubbish around the school grounds as well as the reduction of the environmental impact of prepackaged foods are what we are trying to achieve.  Students who consistently bring an “environmentally friendly” lunch box to school can be eligible for this weekly award.  Students are awarded with a healthy canteen lunch voucher which they can redeem at any time.

Some pointers for Lunch boxes at Torquay College:

  • A water bottle can be great as older year levels can keep these on their desk
  • As little rubbish as possible would be great
  • Healthy options
  • If your child has an allergy make sure their teacher knows about it
  • If there is a child in your class with an allergy, please respect any “out of bounds” foods there may be
  • On excursions, disposable containers are the best – That way they can’t get lost or have to be carried everywhere the excursion goes.

First Aid & Safety

For your child’s safety:

  • If your child comes to school after the 1st bell an adult is required to come to the office and sign your child in
  • If your child needs to leave the school before the last bell an adult is required to come to the office and sign your child out

First Aid room – The first aid room is located in the main administration building and students can go there any time they are feeling unwell or hurt.  Basic first aid will be provided, but anything more serious and a parent or guardian will be called.  It is school policy that all head injuries require staff to contact parents.

Asthma Newsletter Articles Term 2 2012 – DOC

Safety House–  Our School is in a safety house area.  We have many dedicated volunteers who are part of the Safety House progam.  To be a Safety House volunteer, you must undergo screening for suitability and be home during the 1 hour before and 1 hour after school.  All students learn how and when to use a Safety House.  For more information contact Di Dendle here at our school.