Music Bands

Our College has several rock bands for students in upper primary and secondary to try out for.  Our musical director arranges rehearsal times usually at lunch times.  The bands record their songs for a CD in the purpose built recording studio within the school. The bands perform at assembly, community events or at other times by arrangement.


In 2009 the Torquay College Choir was reformed for all students to participate in at any year level.  Rehearsals are held during lunchtime and children learn a wide variety of songs in lots of different musical styles.  Students also enjoy dancing and moving to the songs they are learning.   The choir has also enjoyed performing at assembly and the Geelong Schools Music & Movement Festival.

J Rock

Every year our College enters a J Rock performance into the junior “rock eisteddfod” competition.  Our J Rock performances usually involve between 60 and 90 year 3 to 6 students who either perform (dance) or work back stage.  Parents can help by making costumes or sets, make up on the night or helping with costume changes back stage.  There is an audition process held early in the year.  The performance is usually held in August.

Visual Arts

Torquay College’s Art Program is highly regarded by the students and wider community.  The students are exposed to a variety of mediums, equipment, techniques and work in both 2D and 3D mediums. Contempory and traditional art work is regularly used as a stimulus for students’ work.  Large collaborative work is often undertaken and students have many opportunities to display their work in exhibitions and professional settings including our Art show Grommets Make Their Mark.

Assembly Performances

All students have an opportunity to perform in Assembly.  Every class is rostered to perform in assembly each week as well as our bands, choir and other groups.